Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boominizer 2 a Modern Day Ascii Tale

Dolphin submariners hack their radar in order to see some porn, since the screen is in monochrome the only kind of porn they can play is ascii porn. From there on a lot of things go wrong.

What happened to them and who will be able to help them?

Boominizer 2 is the opera prima of Kevin Sandom, self confessed geek that on the back of his hacking blog funny hacks has decided to release his first short film. Like in recent cinematographic ventures like Schrek and Ice Age  Kevin cuts out one part of the cinematographic equation by having a cast completely conformed of cuddly beings.

That way of working may make for a smoothly run filming schedule, but I am not to sure it will be trouble free. Smiles, that guy looks like a party animal no matter what. One that was very present in the happy house scene.

Smiles playing Eric looks a former drug from the happy house scene.

The filming style is quite unique due to the impressive green screen work.  In absolute Kubrick style the attention to detail is impressive. The scenes flow as the story line unfolds in classical 80s film style. Karate kid was trained like a sissy girl compared to the training Jody has to undergo before embarking on her dangerous mission.

Looks cuddly, but she means business.

Will Jody prevent more trouble in the planet before other people get hurt like the submariners?

Well, this does not have a spoiler alert so as such contains no spoilers. So go quickly to and watch and or download the film.

Pass it on, its so cuddly its un-rateable. Guaranteed family entertainment. There is also a version which mentions ascii art if you want to watch it with a sensitive audience.

Don't forget to vote. Kevin is asking his audience to decide what the next film would be the prequel or the sequel. 

You choose, but this is what creative commons enables and the new web cinema has to offer at its best.