Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ode to the geek

The true power of the geek is that of being capable of taking ownership of its environment and circumstances, and not be afraid to introduce the changes that may be necessary. This ownership is not exercised in a tyrannical myopic and destructive way, but rather in a comprehensive way. In a way in which the scratch complements the itch, and fulfils it, but does not leave a rash behind. This is due to a profound understanding of the space in which the itch is present. The myopic decision-making that generally contributes to the destruction out of an over simplification or of a fiduciary drive disregards the itch in order to consider it as an opportunity. This difference from itch to opportunity is what has driven a lot of the big business but it fails to take place in a world in which to be in touch with reality, the reality that incommensurable values bring, is a lot more valuable. It is then to look at the world as a space in which we live, as a place which supplies and environment for our existence, as a vessel that contains us, that feeds us and clothes us, not as a mine from which we extract all that we want without returning its due. As a place from where we can watch the stars, and not count them to impose on them a virtual ownership. As a big roller-coaster ride that provides us with our joys and our sadness and all the experiences that we live. A place in which love comes out of understanding and experience. Out of opening the mind to imagination and itching the way through life fixing one problem at a time. With each problem and each solution, finding a new understanding, a new element that makes us proud of who we are in the space that we have transformed, out of a selfless act of creation. The geek gives more than takes, for the geek understands its environment. It is an intellectual in a modern age in which the language and knowledge are technological, but not devoid of a human component.